William Turner (fuego_del_mar) wrote,
William Turner

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[It pretty obvious he isn't on any ship or anywhere in the Caribbean. In fact he looks a bit more cleaned up then he has recently. Hair tied back and in a simple gray sweater and black jeans.]

I find myself at another function courtesy of the community. I...do not need to tell you my mood is not for festivities but if you could come.

I...there is something I wish to ask. I would appreciate it.
Tags: buffy summers, ddd, potc 2, private
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[ private ]

I wasn't planning on going. Not really in the mood to party for reasons of the obvious.

I'll head over if you're stuck there though.
Yes. I understand.

[A small thankful nod.]

I can't seem to find anyone I recognize to return me to Tia Dalma's...I appreciate it Buffy. A great deal.
See ya.