William Turner (fuego_del_mar) wrote,
William Turner

∫ 002 ∫ [Video]

[It's the shop again, only this time the feed is showing the whole place. It seems to be raining outside and Will is pacing about dressed in a very fine suit. It's his wedding day and the weather has ruined it. He looks upset before the door is slammed open and several British Soldiers come in, leveling their guns at him.

He grabs the small metal linking him to the community and shoves it in his pocket. All that can be discerned now are sounds. Muffled talking, Will asking what is going on and finally the sound of chains and locks.]

William Turner, by order of the Empire, you are under arrest.

[The feed cuts off to the sound of marching feet and rain.]

((ooc: any replies will be made after Will has spoken to Elizabeth in the jail.))
Tags: canon point, ddd, port royal
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