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Character: William Turner Jr.
Fandom: Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean
Character Notes:



Up until the age of ten, very little is known about William. Only that he lived in North Carolina until his father, William ‘Boostrap Bill’ Turner returned to piracy. His mother then moved young Will and herself back to London where the two lived until Mrs. Turner’s death. Now ten years of age, Will set out towards the Caribbean to try and find his wayward father, whom the child still thought was only a Merchant Sailor.

On the crossing from England, the ship that Will is on is attacked by pirates; Will is the only survivor. The piece of wood that he is laying on floats past another ship, The HMS Dauntless where he is spotted by a young girl named Elizabeth Swann. Once aboard the ship, the young girl mistakes a piece of Aztec gold around Wills neck for a pirate medallion. In order to spare the boy she steals it and keeps it well hidden.

The HMS Dauntless reaches post in Port Royal, a British port of call on Jamaica. William is apprenticed to Mr. Brown, the local smithee. During his apprenticeship William becomes very skilled at not only the basic everyday orders of a smithee, but also in the forging of swords. Which he then practices with for three hours a day. Over the next eight years William grows up, still remaining respectable friends with Elizabeth Swann who is the daughter of Governor Swann. As children they were most likely allowed to play together, but as both reached adulthood they were separated for proprieties sake. William is the only one that avidly follows societies rules greeting his childhood friend as only ’Miss Swann’.

POTC 1: Curse of the Black Pearl

Will returns to Port Royal with Elizabeth. The two are now involved and at some point during the 8-10 months between the two movies Will proposes and Elizabeth becomes his fiance. During this time he also continue to be the town Black Smith.

POTC 2: Dead Man's Chest

After Jack Sparrow's death, Will travels with Barbossa, Elizabeth and the others to Singapore. Here he becomes a spy, trying to gather information from Sao Feng about a map that could lead the crew to World's End. He is somehow captured and held prisoner until Barbossa and Elizabeth arrive.

POTC 3: At World's End


Ten years after the end of the third movie, Captain Will Turner returns to the island he last left Elizabeth on. She is waiting for him there along with their young son William Turner III; because Elizabeth waited for him, the curse is lifted and Will Turner is no longer the Captain of the Flying Dutchman. It is not clear who is the new Captain however, as the Dutchman requires a 'living heart' for her Captain.

Personality: brave, naïve, loyal, cunning, modest, stubborn

At the beginning of the trilogy, Will is very submissive. He hangs back when in a crowd and averts his eyes to superiors. Propriety is very important for him. It’s this that makes him so humble, for he can’t bring himself to admit to others that he is the one doing all of Brown’s work. It’s not his place to do so, he is only an apprentice, even if some people are aware of it. He only admits to Jack (a pirate that Will sees as lower in authority than himself) that he is the one that made all the swords and odd bits in the Black Smith shop. As the trilogy goes on, Will does lose a lot of his naivety but he still retains a certain innocence compared to the characters. His more modest nature all helps as he’s never outwardly trying to impress anyone. Even when he sees Elizabeth kissing Jack, he makes no mention of it. He actually mistakes her guilt for sadness during their stay with Tia Dalma. His innocent nature doesn’t allow him to think badly of Elizabeth (he comforts her over Jack’s death) nor does he think badly of Jack for anything either. The latter has to do more with his modesty and acceptance that there may be a better man for the job so to speak.

Through out all three films it is easy to see that William is very loyal. In the first movie he leaves the relative safety and normality of Port Royal without a second though, in order to rescue the girl that holds his heart. In the second and third every action that Will takes; be it fighting Sparrow and Norrington for the key or making a deal with Becket, he does it to save his Father and Elizabeth. His loyalties (especially in the third movie) seemed blurred but he never lost sight of why he was doing it all. He was doing it for Elizabeth. Even when he thought she was in love with Jack and he was angry, he still did what he could to keep her safe and keep his promise to his Father.

It’s that loyalty that leads to the last two prominent traits of his personality: his cunning mind and his die hard bravery. The bravery is rather easy to see; he fights undead pirates, fish men and the entire ETC without flinching. He is confident in his skills which admit tingly do help with the whole bravery stick. His cunning side comes out because of this, as he is willing to put his rather absurd plans into action and fulfill them. No matter the risk.

He admits though that his more abstract ideas are due to one thing, ‘Think like Jack’. Which, in a small way, is another nod to his loyalty to his family and friends.

Other: His canon point will be between POTC 1 and 2.

Additional Links: He's a pirate~~

First Person (entry type):

It’s hard to believe…actually I still can not bring myself to even contemplate what I have just done. No. What I have just assisted in doing. In an attempt to rescue Miss-, tsk...Elizabeth, I have broken a wanted man out of prison, threatened a man of station in the British Navy and stolen not one but two ships. Now I find myself in the company of a crazed, drunken pirate en route to one of the most infamous ports in the Caribbean. All for a woman that I can not have…no matter how much I love her. How much I have always loved her.

It seems so simple to say in my own mind, but whenever I find enough courage to attempt to even speak with her; propriety and rules of decorum stamp any courage out. Why then, William, can you sail off with little thought to engage dread pirates and whatever else Sparrow is leading you too? How can actions be so much simpler to attempt then words?

Third Person:

There were many things that Will had felt because of a certain Captain Sparrow; courage, frustration, admiration...mostly frustration. Each one plucked by surprise from the muck of confusion that the off-balanced pirate Lord conjured around with his mere presence. When he first saw the older man, Will had felt that first blossom of courage. Yes, it had been born from anger and ill-put rage, but the blaggard had dared to threaten something the black smith cherished and as a gentleman he could not let it just go by ignored. That fight in the shoppe had been the first time Will had put his skills to a test, and he had won. Sort of. Jack had cheated after all, it was not a fair fight.

Watching Sparrow plan and execute their escape from Port Royal had not only been fascinating, but Will had learned a few things as well. Such as one need not always adhere to a set plan if something simpler comes along. Such as a lobster catch and a rudder chain.

As he watched Port Royal shrink to a small dot on the horizon and soon vanish entirely, Will knew that after meeting and perhaps even befriending the wily Sparrow...well, life would not be quite the same again.
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