Flying Dutchman's Log

Will Turner at Helm

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Your beginning to annoy me

[It pretty obvious he isn't on any ship or anywhere in the Caribbean. In fact he looks a bit more cleaned up then he has recently. Hair tied back and in a simple gray sweater and black jeans.]

I find myself at another function courtesy of the community. not need to tell you my mood is not for festivities but if you could come.

I...there is something I wish to ask. I would appreciate it.

∫ 004 ∫ ~ RL~
Yes, John Woo stand off- its humor
Whatever Will had been expecting, it had not been what he'd just experienced. Arriving into the new world had been strange enough; but to arrive in a place with so many books and strange bits of machinery. Well he was stunned for a few moment before he realized that he was no officially in another world. A world several centuries ahead of his own. As asked, he had left his weapons on board The Pearl, safely stowed away until later when they would return.

Of course it had been a little more difficult to leave behind the wardrobe that quiet obviously did not blend in with this new area. Wool, old silk and sea stained cotton stuck out more then he expected. Shuffling a little he turned towards the others around him.

"Ah...hello." Awkward little nod of greeting. He was still a bit of a mess in social situations.

∫ 002 ∫ [Video]
Your words betray your intentions
[It's the shop again, only this time the feed is showing the whole place. It seems to be raining outside and Will is pacing about dressed in a very fine suit. It's his wedding day and the weather has ruined it. He looks upset before the door is slammed open and several British Soldiers come in, leveling their guns at him.

He grabs the small metal linking him to the community and shoves it in his pocket. All that can be discerned now are sounds. Muffled talking, Will asking what is going on and finally the sound of chains and locks.]

William Turner, by order of the Empire, you are under arrest.

[The feed cuts off to the sound of marching feet and rain.]

((ooc: any replies will be made after Will has spoken to Elizabeth in the jail.))

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Why yes I am evil- but only for a bit
There had been little to do on the ship now that the hurricane season had passed. Occasionally an old sea dog or two would pass through his hand, but other then that The Flying Dutchman was simpling sitting on her anchor. The crew didn't mind, it was a wonderful reprieve from the constant workload their previous Captain's orders. Young William Turner II was a far better man then they had hoped for.

Yet even though the thrill of the sea was in his veins, now more then ever- Will was still a man who needed to keep himself busy and there was only so much one could do on a ship. And it was still several years before he could go upon the land. He sighed and cast a glance over the ocean, watching the tides play against the hull of his immortal ship. A moments pause before he squints against the glare of the sun, shielding his eyes. Had he just seen something playing against the waves? Or was it...


Well there was that answer. He ran towards the wheel, his ship could not be seen by mortal eyes. Preparing to dive he stopped, frozen in mid movement. Distinctly, over the crashing sea and calling wind he had heard it. A sound that was both foreign and familiar to his ears.

Thump, thump. Thump, thump



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